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Hadrian --AR Denarius. R: Crescent on globe with star/COS III.
Hadrian --AE Sestertius. R: PONT MAX TR POT COS III/LIBERTAS RESTITVTA SC, Hadrian seated left on platform, extending hand to a woman holding a child with a second child at her feet. Refers to Hadrian's expansion of the charity program for the poor children of Italy, c. 118AD).
Hadrian --AR Tetradrachm. Alexandria, Egypt. R: Bust of Nilus. koln 747.
Gordian III --AE27, Hadrianopolis. Apollo standing right, holding branch. Bow at feet, tree behind. Ref?
Hadrian --AE Drachm, Alexandria. R:Harpokrates standing left, finger to mouth. Emm. 979(19)
Gordian III --AE25, Hadrianopolis. R: God(dess?) in serpent biga. Ref?
Septimius Severus --AE28, Hadrianopolis. R: Dionysos riding right on Panther. Ref?
Hadrian --Fouree cistophoric tetradrachm, Sardes. R: Kore standing facing, COS III. cf Metcalf 203-218.
Commodus --AE26, Hadrianopolis. R: Nike riding right in biga of horses Verbanov 1702.
Hadrian --AE Tetradrachm, Alexandria. R: Tyche recumbent L on couch holding rudder. Year 16. BMC 728, Emmett 1063.
Hadrian --AE Tetradrachm, Alexandria. R: Isis Pharia holding billowing sail. Year 18. Emmett 1000, Dattari 1757
Gordian III --AE25, Hadrianopolis. R: Emperor riding right on horseback. Ref?
Hadrian --AE Drachm, Alexandria. R: Hadrian standing togate left with sceptre, greeted by Alexandria in elephant-skin headdress. Köln 1034; Dattari 1610; BMC 869; Milne 1315
Tranquillina --AE24, Hadrianopolis. R: Artemis striding left, hound at feet. Ref: BMC -; Moushmov 2764.
Gordian III -AE28, Hadrianopolis. R: Campgate,city legend around.
Caracalla --AE27, Hadrianopolis. R: Herakles catching the Cerynean hind. cf Lischine Collection, 441 (different obverse type)
Septimius Severus --AE26, Hadrianopolis. R: Hygieia standing right. Apparently unlisted, same obverse die as Jurokova V109 but not listed with this reverse issued under Barbarus.
Faustina Jr. --AE25, Hadrianopolis. R: Homonia standing left holding patera over lighted altar. Mionnét Supp. II, 644
Hadrian --AE22, Corinth. Laureate bust right, drapery at shoulder / COL LAV IVL COR, fountain in the form of a meta sudans (turning post in stadium). See Price and Trell fig.113 for identical reverse type under Domitian. BCD 632; SNG Copenhagen -.
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