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Caligula -AE AS. R: Vesta seated Right.
Germanicus --AE AS. Struck by Caligula (40-41AD). Bare head of Germanicus left/Legend around large SC. BMCRE49
Agrippa --AE AS. Struck by Caligula. Obv.: M AGRIPPA LF COS III, Head of Agrippa l. wearing rostral crown. Rev.: S-C either side of Neptune stg. l. holding dolphin and trident. Cohen 3; RIC (Caligula) 58. Probably of provincial mintage.
Caligula -- AE24, Troas, Ilium. AD 37-41. 24mm (12.13 g). Head of Caligula, on left, and Augustus, on right, confronted / Draped bust of Roma, on left, and Senate, on right, confronted; statue of Athena between. RPC I 2312.
Drusus and Nero Caesars, AE Dupondius. Struck 40 AD under Caligula. NERO ET DRVSVS CAESARES Statue of Nero and Drusus on horseback right. Reverse - C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT around large SC. RCV 1828
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