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Caracalla --Pisidia, Antioch. 34mm (28.52 gm). IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right / COL CAES ANTIOCH, S R across field, Mn standing facing, head right, holding long sceptre and Nike on globe. Krzyzanowska pl. XXII, XXVII.
Elagabalus --AE Dupondius. R: Elagabalus standing left over altar, holding club and patera, star in L field. Reverse legend smoothed to obvlivion - unable to tell which year.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. R:VICTOR ANTONINI AVG/Victory advancing right. RIC 155.
Elagabalus --AR Antoninianus. R: Providentia left/PROVID DEORVM. RIC 129.
Augustus --AE AS. O: IMP DIVI F/Heads of Agrippa to left, Augustus to R. R: Palm Shoot behind crocodile.
Augustus --AE19. Philippi. VIC/AVG to either side of Victory. R: COHOR PRAE PHIL, three standards.
Trajan --AE33. Alexandria, Egypt. Drachm. R:Trajan driving quadriga of elephants.
Numerian --AE Antoninianus. R: VNDIQVE VICTORES/Numerian standing betw. two captives. S. 3440.
Probus --AE Ant. R: Mars Victor. Sear 3355.
Gallienus --AE Ant. R: GENER VICTRIC
Constantine I --AE3. R: VIRTVS EXERCITI/Two captives under standard inscribed VOT XX. S3885.
Constantius II --AE3. .R: PROVIDENTIA CAESS/Campgate.
Crispus --AE3. R: VIRTVS EXERCITI/Two captives at foot of standard inscr. VOTXX. S3927v.
Constantine I --AE3. Constantinopolis Commemorative. Roma/Victory standing left.
Constantine I --AE3. Constantinopolis Commemorative. Roma/Victory standing left.
Constantine I --AE3. Constantinopolis Commemorative. Roma/Victory standing left.
Crispus --AE3. R: VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP/Victories placing shield on altar.
Constantine II --AE3. R: PROVIDENTIA CAESS/Campgate.
Constantine II --AE3. R: ALAMANNIA DEVICTA/Victory with foot on captive. S3940.
Constantius I --Post reform radiate. R: Constantius receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter. S3678v.
Galerius --AE Ant. R: Galerius receiving victory on globe from Jupiter. Sear 3701.
Jovian --AE3. R:VOT V.
Maximinus II --AE Follis. R: IOVI CONSERVATORI/Jupiter standing left, eagle at feet. S3767v.
Plautilla --AR Denarius. R:Plautilla as Venus Victrix, cupid standing before. RSC25.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. R: INVICTOS SACERDOS AVG. RSC 61.
Maximinus I --AE Sestertius. R: Providentia standing left. RIC61.
Elagabalus - AE21. Mesopotamia, Edessa.The turreted and draped busts of two tyches, vis vis. BMC Mesopotamia p. 101, 69
Antiochos VIII --AE19. Radiate Head right/Eagle standing left. Sear 7154.
Antiochos IX --AE19. Eros r./Victory advancing left.
T. Carisius -- AR Denarius. Bust of Victory rt/Victory in quadriga right/T. Carisi in exergue. Syd 985
M. Fonteius --AR Denarius. Laureate head of Vejovis right/, MN FONTEI C F behind / Infant winged Genius seated on goat right, caps of the Dioscuri above, thyrsus below.
C. Naevius Balbus -- AR Serrate Denarius. Diademed head of Venus right, S.C. behind./Victory in triga right, CVIIII above, C. NAE. BALB in ex. Sydenham - 769
Tiberius and Livia --AE20, Thessalonica. Tiberius r. / Livia r. RPC 1568
Septimius Severus --AE22, Heliopolis. R: Perspective view of the temple of Jupiter Heliopolitanus. SGI2265
Augustus and Livia --AE32. Romula, Spain. Augustus right, star above/Livia left, moon above. RPC73
Claudius II --AE Antoninianus. R: AEQVITAS/Aeqvitas stdg left. S3195.
Hostilian --AE 27. R: PROVINCIA DACIA/Dacia standing between lion and eagle.
Rhodes --AE38. (43BC-96AD) O:Radiate head of Helios left wearing ivy wreath, rose before. r: Victory striding left w/palm branch and wreath. (ex Marion Sinton) . Von Aulock 2849v
Diocletian --AE Post abdication Follis. D.N. DIOCLETIANO BEATISSIMO SEN. AUG. diademed bust right, wearing imperial mantle, holding branch and mappa. Reverse : PROVIDENTIA DEORUM QUIES AUGG. Quies and Providence stg. facing each other.
Amisos Circa 85-65 BC. 21mm (8.36 gm). Head of Mithradates VI as Dionysos, wearing ivy-wreath / AMISOU, cista mystica; on which rests panther skin and thyrsos; monograms in fields. SNG BMC Black Sea 1208; Waddington pg. 66, 24
Augustus --AR quinarius. Bare head right / Victory standing left on cista mystica flanked by two serpents. RIC I 276
Mark Antony --AR Quinarius. IIIVIR R P C, diademed and veiled head of Concordia right / M ANTON C CAESAR, clasped hands holding caduceus. Crawford 529/4b
Q. Titius -- AR Quinarius. Dr. bust of winged Victory r./Rev. Pegasus springing r., SR 259
Antiochos VII --AE18. Winged bust of Eros right/headdress of Isis. S7098.
Marcus Aurelius --AE Sestertius. R: VICT GERM IMP VI COS III SC.
Aquilia Severa --AE28. Phoenicia, Tyre. Elagabalus in quadriga left. Obverse c/m of club (how 399). Rouvier ---, but cf 2387 and BMC 412. Possibly unique? (ex lindgren)
Julius Caesar --AE 1/2 Dupondius, Gaul. Bust Left (Bust of Octavian off flan)/Prow of ship. RPC 517.
Julius Caesar --AE20, Thessalonica. Bare head of Divus Julius right, Z or N countermark on neck. / Bare head of Octavian right. RPC1555
Elagabalus -AE22. Mesopotamia, Edessa.The turreted and draped busts of two tyches, vis vis. BMC Mesopotamia p. 101, 69
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: VENUS VICTRIX/Venus standing left.
Probus --AE (Silvered) Ant. R: SOLI INVICTO, Sol in spread quadriga. RIC204.
c --AR Denarius. P. FONTEIVS. P. F. CAPITO. III. VIR., helmeted and draped bust of Mars right, trophy over shoulder / MN. FONT. TR. MIL., warrior on horseback thrusting his spear at a Gaulish enemy who is about to slay an unarmed third combatant. Crawford 429/1; Sydenham 900;Fonteia 17
Gordian III --AE sestertius. Head Right/Jupiter standing left, holding tbolt and sceptre/ IOVI STATORI. Cohen 116
Mark Antony --AR Denarius. Bare head of Marc Antony right/Bare head of Octavian right. Crawford 528/3.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius.IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate and draped bust right, horn over forehead / INVICTUS SACERDOS AVG, Elagabalus standing half-left, sacrificing out of patera over tripod-altar, holding branch; bull prostrate behind altar, star in field, left. RIC IV 146 var. (no bull); BMCRE 232 var. (same); RSC 276e. EF
Septimius Severus --AE26, Callatis. R: Victory in quadriga R. NISC.
Augustus --AR fourree denarius. Head of Octavian/ Temple (Curia Julia?) with colonnaded base. RIC-266.
Claudius II --AE Antoninianus. R: AEQVITAS/Aeqvitas standing left. S3195
P. Fonteius P.f. Capito --AR Denarius. R: T DIDI/The Villa Publica. Fonteia 18.
Mark Antony --AR denarius.O:Galley,ANT AVG R:Standards,LEG VI
L. Valerius Flaccus --AR Denarius. Draped bust of Victory right / Mars walking left, carrying trophy;flamen's cap before and grain-ear behind. Crawford 306/1.
Macedonia --AR Tetradrachm. Bust of Artemis Tauropolos right, bow and quiver at shoulder, centered on Macedonian shield/legend divided by horizontal club, BATP monogram above, TME monogram below, all within oak-wreath, with thunderbolt on outside to left. SG 1386.
Nero --AE Dupondius. O: Head left R: MAC AVG, Frontal view of the Macellum Magnum. RIC 400.
Mark Antony and Octavia --AR Cistophoric tetradrachm. Hd. of Antony r. wreathed with ivy and within ivy wreath. Rv. Hd. of Octavia on cista mystica. Syd. 1197 (Ex. Laura Sumner collection)
Ephesos --AR Cistophoric tetradrachm. Cista Mystica/Bowcase with snakes, city legend left, rooster to right, statue of artemis ephesia above holding torches. Kleiner Noe Series 38 (137-134BC), PL XVII, 2 and 3
Caracalla --AR Denarius. R: PM TRP XVII COS IIII PP. Caracalla standing left holding branch and short baton. Cohen 247.
T. Cloelius --AR Fouree quinarius. Laureate head of Jupiter / Victory crowning trophy. Cloulia 2, Syd 586
Gordian III --AR Antoninianus. R: VIRTVS AVG. S2465.
Taras --AR Half Litra. Cockle shell/Dolphin left, device below. Ravel --
Elagabalus & Rheskuporis II --EL Stater. Year 516 (219/220AD). Diademed and draped bust of Rheskuporis right / Laureate and draped bust of Elagabalus right; star before. Frolova pg. 206, pl. XLVII, 38 (same dies); Anokin 636a. Ex. CNG 60, lot 1226 & Ex CNG XXI, lot 79.
Q. Fufius Calenus & P. Mucius Cordus --AR Serrate denarius. Jugate heads of Honos and Virtus right. Reverse: Italia at right, foot resting on globe, stands clasping hands with Roma at left. Fufia 1. (Ex Shirley Barr Sage Collection, published in her Biblical Numismatics: Thirty Pieces of Silver, coin no. 114)
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. PM TRP IIII COS III PP/Victory standing left, shield to each side. Cohen 195
Elagabalus --AE AS. Rome mint. r: MARS VICTOR, Mars walking right with spear and trophy. RIC 364, BMC 370
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. R: Providentia standing left. Ex museum.
Histiaia --AR Tetrobol. Head of Nymph Histiaia rt., wreathed with vine. / Nymph seated upon the prow of a ship right. Most likely a modern fake.
Gordian III -AE22, Berytus. R: Dionysos standing facing,panther at feet, grape vines to right and left, small satyr under left arm.
Elagabalus --AE Sestertius. Rome, 221 AD, 21.76g. BM-440 pl. 97.3 (rev. only, same die), C-191 (12 Fr.), RIC-321. Rx: P M TR P IIII COS III P P S C Providentia standing l. holding wand over globe on ground and cornucopia, star in field r. Ex Seaby's Bulletin, February 1962, 94; A very rare type on sestertii, struck from only a couple of reverse dies.
Elagabalus --AE25, Nikopolis ad istrum. R: Side view of temple, male god at entrance, decorated with palms. Ref?
Elagabalus --AR Antoninianus. R: Laetitia standing left. Ex. Seventko - Slabbed by ICG
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. R: PM TRP IIII COS III PP, Providentia standing left.
Q. Cassius Longinus -- AR Denarius. Head of Libertas right; LIBERT left, Q. CASSIVS right / Curule chair within temple of Vesta; urn to left and voting tablet inscribed AC to right. Crawford 428/2; Sydenham 918; Cassia 8. Triton VI, Lot 739. My picture doesn't do it justice-click here to see the much better CNG picture.
Augustus --AR Denarius. Uncertain Spanish mint. Circa 18 BC. Roman eagle, consular, and wreath / Slow guadriga ornamented with one Victory and palmette design. RIC 99; BMCRE 399; RSC 78b
Augustus (Octavian 30-29BC ) -- AR Denarius. Bare head right /Triumphal arch with IMP CAESAR on architrave, surmounted by quadriga bearing Octavian. RIC I 267; Sear CRI 481; Sear RCV 1558; RSC 123.
Julia Domna --AE Sestertius. R: Venus standing (seen from behind) holding branch and globe, VENERI VICT.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. R: PM TRP IIII COS III PP, Victory advancing left holding open garland, star in field.
Elagabalus --AE Sestertius, Rome, 221 AD, 22.84g. BM-443, C-201 (20 Fr.), RIC-327 (Rare). Obv: Bearded bust r. seen from front, without "horn". Rx: P M TR P IIII COS III P P S C Emperor in Syrian priestly dress sacrificing l. at altar, slain bull behind altar, star in field r. Rare. Unusual variant with star behind emperor rather than above altar. Reverse doublestruck at bottom. Ex Dorotheum 422, Vienna, March 1983, part 424.
Elagabalus (or Gordian III?) --AE18, Gadara. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev: GA?AP (...). Tyche standing facing left, holding spear in right hand, and cornucopia in left hand. Victory holding out laurel wreath, object standing on column to right. Ref: Ros. 88; BMC -; Spijkerman -.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. R: PROVID DEORVM, Providentia standing left with cornucopia and holding globe.
Caracalla --AR Denarius. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM/PM TRP XVIII, COS IIII PP, Fides standing left holding two standards.
Probus --AE (Silvered) Antoninianus. R: SOL INVICTO, Sol riding left in quadriga. Rome mint.
Elagabalus --AR Antoninianus. R: MARS VICTOR, Mars walking right. RIC IV 122-S.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. ANTONINVS PIVS FEL AVG/CONSVL II. Aeqvitas standing left. Ex GR Arnold (lot 250, 1984 Glendining/Seaby auction)
Augustus (Octavian) -- AR Denarius. R: Herm on tbolt, IMP CAESAR. RIC269.
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. ANTONINVS PIVS FEL AVG/CONSVL II PP, Aeqvitas standing left.
Annia Faustina --AE28, Ephesos. Diademed and draped bust right / Diana standing facing, head right before tree, drawing bow from quiver and holding bow; dog at feet. BMC Ionia -; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock -; Mionnet Suppl VI pg. 175, 628.
Antiochos VII --AR Tetradrachm. d(30mm, 16.63 gm). Antioch mint. Diademed head right / BASILEWS ANTIOXOY EYEP-GETOY, Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear, left hand resting on shield; monogram above A to outer left, O-L flanking Athena; all within wreath. SNG Spaer 1872; SMA 298; Houghton -.
Agrippa --AE AS. Struck by Caligula. Obv.: M AGRIPPA LF COS III, Head of Agrippa l. wearing rostral crown. Rev.: S-C either side of Neptune stg. l. holding dolphin and trident. Cohen 3; RIC (Caligula) 58. Probably of provincial mintage.
C. Valerius Flaccus --AR Denarius. 82BC. Winged bust of Victory R/C.VAL IMPERAT, EX SC across fields, Legionary aquila flanked by standards inscribed H(hastati) and P (Primus).
Elagabalus --AR Denarius. IMP ANTONINVS AVG/CONSVL II PP, Aeqvitas standing left. Cohen 23.
Elagabalus --AE17, Perinthos. Victorious athlete crowning himself with a voluminous games wreath. Schoenert 707 (same dies)
Arcadian League -- AR Hemidrachm. 370-280BC. Struck at Megalopolis. Laureate head of Zeus Lykaios left / Pan seated left on rock, eagle on knee, raising hand and holding lagobolon; monogram in left field; D in right field. BMC Peloponnesus pg. 176, 83; SNG Copenhagen 195. Ex. Lakeview Collection.
Nero -- AE AS. Laureate head right/filed flat. Per David Hendin, "This interesting coin was probably used as an applique on a box, or possibly even to decorate armour".
Caracalla --AE30, Pautalia, Thrace. R: Satyr inviting Nymph to dance. Apparently unlisted for Caracalla, similar type for Septimius Severus listed as Ruzicka, Muenzen von Pautalia, no. 362.
Elagabalus --AE Sestertius (24.05gm). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm. RIC IV 377; Cohen 297
Elagabalus --AE25, Caesaria Panias. R: Pan standing with three goats, all sharing a common head. cf. Meshorer, Ya'akov, Coins of Caesarea Panias, in Israel Numismatic Journal 8, 1984-85, page 57 no. 59 (Julia Soaemias). Thanks to David Hendin and Pat Lawrence for assistance.
Caracalla -- AE30, Tarsos. R: Caracalla wearing wreath and robes of the demiourgos, facing temple and victimarius swinging an ax to slay a sacrificial bull. SNG Levante -, SNG Paris - , SNG Aulock -, SNG Righetti -, Ziegler -. Possibly unpublished? Thanks to Curtis Clay for references.
Geta --AE30, Nicopolis ad Mestum. R: Aeqvitas standing left with cornucopia and scales. Ref?
Geta --AE30, Perinthos. R: Emperor on left holding club and sceptre with foot on prow being crowned by Nike/Victory. Shoenert -.
Elagabalus --AE23, Tripolis. R:Altar of Zeus Hagios having a superstructure supported on four columns with tall bases; in pediment, facing bust; between the columns: in middle, flaming altar approached by steps; on left, the Sun standing to front, radiate, r. hand raised; on r., the Moon standing to front, crescent on head, holding torch. CF BMC 110.
Caracalla --AE Dupondius. R: Radiate, draped bust right / Mars standing, holding Victory, hand on shield, spear at l. side, captive at feet. RIC 528a; Cohen 259
Septimius Severus -- Baris (Pisidia). R: Double-headed male divinity advancing r., the heads facing in opposite directions, with four arms, holding bow and sword on the r. and club on the l., cloak hanging down on l. and between the legs. Von Aulock, Mnzen und Stdte Pisidiens II, 259, pl. 7
Domitian --AE24, Flaviopolis. R: Tyche seated. C/M bust of athena (howgego 190). RPC1758. Ex. Ian Roper coll.
Elagabalus --AE32, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. 32mm (21.24 gm, 12h). AVT K M AV AN TWNINOC E E, laureate bust right, slight drapery on far shoulder / ANTIOX EWN M KOLW, Tyche of Antioch seated left, holding grain ears river god Orontes below, ram running left above; D E above S C across field. BMC Galatia etc. pg. 206, 459; L&K 2008; Weber 7969 (this coin). Ex Triton VIII, Lot 790.
Elagabalus -- AE23, Tripolis. R: Ship. BMC 225, 133. Rouvier VI, 43, 1753.
Elagabalus --AE25, Tarsus. Laureate and draped bust viewed three quarters from behind. / Apollo Lyceius standing facing on low omphalus, holding wolves by forelegs. (new pic pending when coin received).
Julia Domna -- AE22, Topirus. Obv:Draped bust right; C/M behind. Rev: Artemis moving right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver; dog at her feet. Ref: BMC -; CM: Uncertain letter(s) and B, in circular punch, 5 mm. Howgego -.
Elagabalus -- AE22, Ephesus. laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; R: Nike advancing left, with right raising dress, wreath in left. Mionnet VI, 172, 612; BMC -; S -; Lindgren -; SNG Cop -; SNG Lewis -; SNG v. Aulock -; SNG Righetti -
T. Carisius --AR Denarius, 46bc. Rome mint. Obv.: head of Juno Moneta right; two locks of hair down neck. Rev.: laureate cap of Vulcan above anvil; tongs and hammer on either side; all within wreath. Crawford 464/2; CRI 70; Sydenham 982b; Carisia 1b
L. Plautius Plancus -- AR Denarius. Rome mint. Head of Medusa facing / Victory flying right, holding palm and leading four horses. Crawford 453/1a; CRI 29; Sydenham 959; Plautia 15.
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