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Plautilla --AR Denarius. R:Plautilla as Venus Victrix, cupid standing before. RSC25.
Plautilla --AE 27,Corcyra. Bust right / Pegasos, bridled, galloping right. BMC Thessaly pg. 165, 691
Plautilla --AE18. Tomis??. Aphrodite standing left, holding apple.
Plautilla --AE24, Aegira. R: Artemis standing right, holding bow, stag at feet. Lindgren (I) 1635.
Plautilla --AR Denarius. R: PROPAGO IMPERI, Caracalla and Plautilla facing. Cohen 21.
Plautilla --AR Denarius. R:Pietas standing right, holding sceptre and child - PIETAS AVGG . RIC-IV-367-S
Plautilla --AE25, Nikopolis ad istrum. R: Herakles standing right.
Plautilla --AE28, Dioshieron (Lydia). O: Draped bust right with stephane, CMK (emperor's head right)/R: Zeus seated left, city name below. BMC-, COP-, Von Aulock -, Weber-, Grose.
Plautilla --AE32, Side. R: Rivergod reclining to L, branch in arm - above left additional female figure reclining to left, holding up veil.
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