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Otacilia Severa --AE Sestertius. 245 AD, 18.38g, RIC-209a, C-55, Rx-PVDICITIA AVG S.C., Pudicitia veiled and seated with right hand drawing veil. Sceptre in left hand.
Otacilia Severa --AE25, Dacia. R: Dacia standing between eagle and lion holding standards.
Otacilia Severa --AR Antoninianus. R: CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia seated left. RIC 125c
Otacilia Severa --AR Antoninianus. R: SAECULARES AVGG, hippo standing left. RSC 63.
Otacilia Severa --AE Sestertius. 19.80g, 30.1mm, Rome mint, 244-249 A.D.; obverse MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, diademed draped bust right; reverse CONCORDIA AVGG S C, Concordia seated left holding patera and double cornucopia; ex Max Mehl
Otacilia Severa --AR (Billion) Tetradrachm, Antiochia ad Orontem. R:Eagle standing facing on palm, head left, tail left. S C in exergue. Prieur 342.
Otacilia Severa -- AE28, Ephesus. Obv: Diad. and dr. bust right; c/m on shoulder. Rev: Artemis huntress, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver, stands in biga drawn right by two stags. Ref: BMC 343 (var. rev. leg.); SNG Aul -; SNG Cop 487 (var. rev. leg.).CM: Eagle, wings half-spread, head left, in cicular punch, 5.5 mm. Howgego 324 (92 pcs). Note: The c/m was probably applied at Tralles.
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