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Antonia -- AE Dupondius. Mother of Claudius. R: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PM TRP IMP PP/Claudius, veiled and togate.
Claudius -- AE AS. R: Libertas AVGVSTA AVG. Sear 638.
Claudius -- AE Barbaric Sestertius. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR/SPES AVGVSTVS, Spes standing left.
Claudius II --AE24, Antiochia. r: Legionary Standards.
Claudius II --AE Antoninianus. R: SPES PVBLICA / Spes left, holding flower. S. 3220
Claudius II --AE Antoninianus. R: AEQVITAS/Aeqvitas stdg left. S3195.
Claudius II -- AE Antoninianus. SALVS AVG. Isis Faria standing left, holding sistrum and basket. RIC 217.
Claudius II --AE Antoninianus. R: Diana R, stag at feet. Cohen 67.
Claudius II --AE Antoninianus. R: AEQVITAS/Aeqvitas standing left. S3195
Claudius II --AE34, Seleucia Sidera. R: Demeter in biga of dragons. Aul. Pis.II 2052. (HJB 125)
Claudius --AE17,Gadara. R: head of Tyche right. RPC 4816.
Claudius II --Billion antoninianus. R: REGI ARTIS, Vulcan standing left with hammer and tongs. cf S3218.
Bosporus --AE21. Head of Claudius right, IB below/ Head of Agrippina Jr. left. RPC 1925v
Apameia -- AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm. Appius Claudius Pulcher Ap.f. Imperator, 53-51 BC. Cista mystica with serpent; all within ivy wreath / [AP] PULCHER AP [F] IMP, bow-case between two serpents; [AP]A left, two flutes right, QEOPROPOS and APOLLWNIOU (magistrates) below. Stumpf 83 = Hunterian II p. 477, 2. VF, lightly porous, uneven strike. Only the Hunterian specimen cited by Stumpf.From the Garth R. Drewry Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Group 58 (19 September 2001), lot 633.
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